Thank you @oceannailsupply for the lovely Gella gel nail polishes😘

I must say…..this was definitely a special piece commissioned..and this geisha definitely motivated me to work harder to get into some kind of art museum. Let’s hope @themuseumofmodernart hears us…((knocking on the MOMA door)).

Over 72 hours…of work…almost complete! #geisha is about to get her #swarovski treatment…stay tuned!

OMG I am absolutely LOVING @mtmorgantaylor in “Good Luck Charm” (50129) so glittery…and yet so seductive. Thank John😬 @oceannailsupply

Thank you @Prestel_USA for the “Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure” by Suzanne Shapiro. Can’t wait to crack this book wide open! And I am loving the shades created by @OPI_Products for this book!

I love taking some extra time out to give back to those who have helped me in my journey as an artist first and foremost! So to my winner of yesterday’s auction your getting a little extra….😘😬😘😬 and thank you💋

Ladies you know art is my life, and it’s another when artist you admire give you life too…thank you @bradleytheodore the likes ((cheesing like a big kid))😘😬

NailGurl: “80’s Baby Glitz & Glam” Nail Art Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is inspired by two of my favorite nail ladies “Ginger + Liz’. While digging around in my nail room, I stumbled upon another color that I realized I have never used. Talk about being backed up on nail lacquers. And who, here is another fun tutorial for you ladies.

Colors Used: Ginger + Liz in “Gimme A Break”, “Control Freak” & “Bitch Fit”

Additional Materials Used: Neon Orange Hex-a-Glitter, Neon Pink Hex-a-Glitter, & Swarovski Elements (in a variety of shapes), Nail Art Striper Brush

IMPORTANT POLISH NEEDED FOR DESIGN: White Lacquer (which aids in neon nail lacquer vibrancy)


1.) Polish entire nail bed using Ginger + Liz “Gimme A Break” with a two coat application. (LET FULLY DRY BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE NEXT STEP)

2.) Using your white nail lacquer (and nail art striper brush) you’re going to create a semi “speech box” as seen in comic books such as “Bat Man”. (See picture above for example. Be sure to use an even full one application coat for this stage). Let fully DRY!

3.) Begin to work “Control Freak” onto the bottom half of your “80’s style speech box” design. Don’t worry about the polish drying for this stage.

4.) Proceed to add “Bitch Fit” onto the top portion of your “80’s style speech box” design. Make sure that all areas that feature white nail lacquer are covered for both colorways. LET COMPLETELY DRY!

PLEASE NOTE: I would prefer that you use UV or LED Topcoat if possible. And YES I used a UV topcoat during this tutorial.

5.) Seal with favorite UV/LED topcoat and cure for 2 min.

6.) DO NOT WIPE TACKY LAYER OFF! Proceed to place both neon (orange & pink) glitters onto designated neon color zones.

7.) Place another layer of UV/LED gel over the entire nail, add stones! Cure for another two minutes.

8.) Using alcohol wipe tacky layer off and you’re done!

FOR LASTING STONE LIFE: On step 7 instead of adding stones at this stage, just cure nails with the placed glitters for 2 min. Wipe tacky layer. THEN USE CLEAR BUILDER GEL (A THIN LAYER) over desired area, place stones, cure 2 min, wipe tacky layer and BOOM YOUR DONE!

In my “80’s Baby” frame of mind thanks to @gingerandliz in “Control Freak”, “Gimme A Break”, & “Bitch Fit”❤️

#NailArtTutorial is on it’s way😬😛😘

Who said you can’t be the “cats meow”? I say that you can, especially if you wanna bring out your inner beast courtesy of @pattieyankee “Patricia Yankee Nail Lacquer” in “Absence”. You ladies can get in now via @rickys_nyc💓