I haven’t had the heart to watch the Trayvon Martin case (in full) because it has turned into a media mess. This case has divided people. I created this nail because to me the Trayvon Martin case makes me think about all of the senseless violence that goes on each day, while we are at work, at home, or just living our lives. To me this case is a reminder that senseless acts of violence plagues the planet and happens on all ends of the earth, mind you which are for the most part never are published in magazines & newspapers; or publicized on the television. I think that WE ALL AS HUMANS need to stop looking at color (race & creed) and start looking at what is RIGHT VERSUS WHAT IS WRONG! At the end of the day we are all humans and are all affected by loss. So let’s stop loosing life & start embracing it! Period…end of story – NAILGURL!

Help get this nail to the popular page….and please repost it! Love you guys!

Nail Colors Used: Azature Red & Azature Blue

For More Information On The Colorway Shown Visit: Azature.com

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