NailGurl “Rainbow Jungle GEM Splash” Nail Art Tutorial

Hey Ladies, you guys already know it’s about that time for another tutorial. And I have a super long list of nail art tutorials for this spring and upcoming summer. Thankfully I have been inspired by @OPI_Products “Sheer Tints” & “Gel Color” collections. So let’s  get low on today’s #ManiMonday nail art tutorial.

What you’ll need: White Nail Lacquer’ OPI: Sheer Tints in “Be Magentale With Me” (NTS02),  “I Can Teal You Like Me”,  “I’m Never Amberrassed”, & “Don’t Violet Let Me Down”;  OPI (Gel Color):  Next Stop, The Bikini Zone (GCA59)

Additional Tools: Nail Art Striper Brush, Holo Hexa-Dots, favorite Swarovski  Stones


1.) Fully paint the plate using white nail lacquer! LET FULLY DRY BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE NEXT STEPS!

2.) Using each OPI Sheer Tint, gently place each sheer shade across the nail plate. Don’t worry about the colors drying.  Once you have placed all four sheer tints across the nail plate, use your nail art striper and load corresponding polish onto the brush. And then proceed to add another layer of polish onto the selected colors giving the entire nail a completed blended finish. Let nails COMPLETELY DRY before going to the next step. (2-3 coat application brings out the true intensity of these shades)

3.) After step 2, be sure to thoroughly clean your nail art striper and dry)

4.) Next you’re to use sparingly “OPI:  Next Stop…The Bikini Zone” across the nail plate by creating faint tiger stripes diagonally across the nail plate. Cure for 30 seconds

5.) Apply OPI Topcoat, Apply Stones & Holo Hexa-Dots to desired areas of the nail and cure! (I cured for 60 seconds). Once cured wipe nail plate with alcohol and your nails are complete!

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